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Our projects


Kasha-Malasha        Funny pictures and videos.

YourIcon.Com.Ua        (In Russian) A website dedicated to the art of wood-carved orthodox icons.

Hata.Com.Ua        (Multiple languages) Real Estate in Ukraine. Classified ads search engine.

The JavaTalks conference        (In Russian) The web site is dedicated to the conference about various Java technologies. Here you will find the conference agenda and a number of presentations.

The JavaTalks.ru Forum        (In Russian) The most popular Java forum in the Russian Internet. Here you will find answers to a huge number of questions and will also get a quick response to your question.

Interpreter Agency www.Interpreter.in.ua        The official website of the www.Interpreter.in.ua interpreter agency.

www.JavaTools.ru        (In Russian) A directory of development tools for Java.

www.Youkraine.net        A personal web page of Tasha Jallois, a Ukrainian guide and interpreter.

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