Who we are

Hitech.Com.Ua is a small software development company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our team members are developers with extensive experience in building software based on Java technology.

Why Java

Java technology is a robust platform supported by a large variety of vendors. Java-based software can run on variety of platforms thus avoiding vendor lock-in, ensuring scalability of your solutions and, most importantly, protecting your investments.

How we work

We try to follow as much as possible the principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

We approach very carefully the requirements phase of the project when we try to understand what it is really that a client needs. Understanding requirements well is a key to the successful project implementation.

We help to break the project into phases to make sure a customer gets the most important features up and running as early as possible.

We use iterative development approach to manage our projects to reduce the risks for both developers and customers. Every iteration, which is typically 2 weeks to 1 month long, a customer gets an internal release to see how the project is doing.

The deployment phase includes extensive testing and fine tuning to make sure implemented solutions run smoothly in their target environments.